Baby Al is a rapper/song-writer from West Baltimore. Al's talents started with poetry and he later became passionate about creating music. Inspired by soul/jazz/ house/hip-hop Al's style is very diverse and he’s brings something special to contemporary rap. Al is known to be one of the most energetic performer's coming out of Baltimore, he mixes his Baltimore club influences with a innate knack for crowd control. He’s also frontman of Da Lor Band, whether performing with a DJ or his band you have to see one of his live shows!

If you ever get a chance to experience one of Al's shows you'll notice him using the word 'Swooz' which is a mantra and a way he aspires to live daily. "Swooz is a way of life it's defined as expressing compassion, benevolence, love, and gratitude." - Al Rogers Jr.

Al has been featured in publications such as New York Times, Vice, Noisey, Impose, Saint Heron, and Pigeons and Planes to name a few.